The mission of Scratch City Golf is to help average golfers become Fit Golfers - because we believe that great fitness is the foundation of great golf

"A Fit Golfer is a player committed to optimizing their mental and physical fitness to play great golf”

Fit Golfers possess high levels of - focus, flexibility, strength, speed, energy and endurancethese are the six attributes of a Fit Golfer. 

The attributes are defined below - 


1. Focus - The ability to remain fully engaged in the moment. Regulating emotions to reduce the chances of experiencing extreme negative or positive thoughts and actions. Staying calm and optimistic to manage adversity with skill and strategy rather than anger and hope. 

2. Flexibility - The full range of motion the body is able to complete without pain. Mobility of the torso is the primary element of an effective swing. The greater range of motion in the torso the more power that can be generated in the swing. 

3. Strength - The core (abdomen) is where strength most contributes to swinging the clubs effectively. Strengthening the core muscles along with the quads and calves will enable a far more poerful swing.   

4. SpeedTorso rotation is a critical factor in creating speed in the downswing which in turn generates power. The faster you rotate your torso on the downswing the more power you generate on the downswing.

5. EnergyRepresents overall vitality. It’s the force expended towards activities that include navigating the course, formulating strategy and executing your plans.

6. Enduranceis the process of managing energy for the duration of play. Managing energy includes regularly assessing your level of energy throughout the round and determining when you need to expend more or less energy throughout the round.  



To make it easier for players to develop/enhance the six attributes, the Scratch City team has created product bundles. Each of these bundles contains products that are specifically designed to help them develop/enhance the attribute they may be deficient in.

These bundles include -    

These bundles are designed to offer the perfect combination of products to enhance your on-course strength, focus, speed or any other Fit Golfer attribute. 

For example, research confirms that senior golfers (age 50+) often have physical mobility limitationsm that impact the length of their backswings. 

Our Flexibility Bundle includes a package of products that are specifically designed to decrease joint stiffness and improve mobility so they can lengthen their backswing and generate more power to increase their shot distance.