Scratch City Golf is a total fitness platform that optimizes the mental and physical fitness of golfers.

Our mission is to enable all golfers to play great golf through achieving great fitness. We define great fitness as having optimal - focus, flexibility, strength, speed, energy, and endurance.

We enable golfers to develop and enhance those attributes through a comprehensive collection of content and products.    


Our Content and Products

Every week we publish 2 to 3 original golf fitness focused articles. The advice offered in these articles is supported by independent research published in leading health and fitness journals.

We studied the diets of successful golfers and partnered with nutritionists to develop a line of golf specific supplements. These products are designed to maxmize your on course performance through optimizing six key attributes: 

  1. Focus 
  2. Flexibility 
  3. Strength 
  4. Speed 
  5. Energy 
  6. Endurance 

Scratch City Golf enables golfers to develop and enhance these six attributes by providing content and products in two areas - 

Our team understands the unique needs of golfers and we use that knowledge to continuously develop content and products that exceed the demands of performance-focused golfers.  

Our aim is to provide the best tools to optimize the mental and physical fitness of golfers to consistently play great golf.  


Our Team

Scratch City Golf was formed by a small team of golf enthusiasts. We’re striving to consistently play great golf and we know that being fit moves us closer to that goal. Our ultimate aim is to help average golfers become fit golfers to play great golf.


Why Was Scratch City Golf Created?

In the summer of 2023, the founding members noticed that many older golfers had poor fitness and nutritional habits.

While they all enjoyed playing golf - many of them frequently complained of various aches and pains after playing a round and they often left the course feeling exhausted. 

These observations sparked an idea for a way to help older golfers develop the fitness and nutritional habits to consistently play great golf. 

In early 2024, Scratch City Golf was formed to fulfill the mission of enabling all golfers to play great golf through building their total fitness.  


Our Brand

The Scratch City Golf brand image features a golfer swinging through the backdrop of a city skyline.



The intent of our brand image is to represent the vision of an inclusive community of golfers committed to fitness and playing great golf.