Scratch City Golf enables average golfers to become great golfers.

We do that by teaching them how to Be Great

    The “Be Great” Framework

    Mantel Featherson - Founder of Scratch City Golf developed a tool to help golfers discover and unlock the greatness within them.

    It’s called the Be Great Framework - and it’s comprised of five elements - Identity, Thoughts, Decisions, Actions, and Habits. A summary of how to use this framework is described below the image. 

    The Be Great Framework is a simple five step process that enables you to become a great golfer. 

    It does that by helping you first envision your ideal future identity of becoming a great golfer. Then you develop and align your thinking, decisions, actions, and habits to make becoming great a reality. 

    This simple but powerful tool is comprised of five steps -

    1. Identity - Determine the golfer you want to become (i.e., single digit handicapper, bogey golfer, scratch golfer, etc.).

    Envisioning a new identity is the most important part of becoming a great golfer.  

    Why? Because it enables you to create a version of yourself that is solely focused on achieving one goal - becoming a great golfer

    Once you establish the vision of your desired identity you give yourself permission to invest resources (i.e., time, effort, and money)  into making your vision a reality. 
    Note: The key to successfully using the Be Great framework is that you must define what great means to you. In other words, you set your own vision and focus on becoming the golfer you want to be. The Be Great framework isn’t about pursuing someone else’s definition of greatness - it’s about charting your own path through creating an identity that enables you to be your best on and off the course. 

    2. Thoughts - after you decide on the type golfer you want to be - begin thinking through what’s needed to make your golfer identity a reality. For example, you may ask yourself questions like - what do I need to do to become a bogey golfer? Do I need to practice? If yes, how often?). As you come up with these thoughts - write them down and prioritize them. 

    3. Decisions - Your top 3 - 5 thoughts (i.e., questions) will lead to you creating a series of decisions that you will have to make in order to achieve your desired golfer identity. Examples of decisions to become a great golfer include - determining a daily fitness regimenchoosing to take lessons, selecting a coach, determing a practice schedule, and more. 

    4. Actions - This step is the physical execution of your decisions. In this step you will complete the tasks determined by your decisions - such as complete an exercise program, attend practice sessions, complete routines and drills recommended by your coach. 

    5. Habits - This a breakdown of the actions you've defined into smalled more manageable activities. For example, if one your actions is to commit to working out for an hour and practicing for an hour each day - to fulfill the one hour goal you may break it down in four increments of 15 mins each spread throughout the day.  This creates the habit that you stick to over the long term. 


    Going through each of these steps is a proven way to become a great golfer